Easing your way into the property market

Investing in property through cryptocurrency 

Launching SOON!


You buy Xentra tokens and we invest this money into property. You choose how much or how little you want to invest.


We spread your investment across a range of different property types to ensure you recieve stable and regular returns.


We reward Xentra token holders by distributing rental income. This is done by issuing Ethereum or by discounts on staying at our properties.

Xentra makes investing easy by…

Combining  property and blockchain. 

According to onproperty.com.au only 7.9% of Australians own investment property. Xentra exists to disrupt the property market and make it easier for Investors to build and diversify their portfolio. We combine property with cryptocurrency and over come barriers such as saving large deposits and liquidity. 


How it works

In four easy steps

1. ICO Release

Xentra releases Initial Coin Offering 

2. Portfolio Construction

Xentra manages the research, analysis, purchase, leasing and selling of the large and diversified property portfolio

3. Appreciation and Distributions

As Xentra’s property portfolio generates income, we releases regular rent distributions to token holders

4. Redeem your Distribution

 Token holders choose how they receive rent distributions by either opting for Ethereum or discounts on staying at Xentra properties

Initial Coin Offering

Xentra tokens will be released at $1 (USD) each. To reward early investors, Xentra will provide bonus tokens:


Date To Be Confirmed
10,000,000 Tokens Available
18% BONUS Tokens


Date To Be Confirmed
15,000,000 Tokens Available
12.5%-4% BONUS Tokens 


Date To Be Confirmed
10,000,000 Tokens Available
0% BONUS Tokens